My First Encounter With Keploy Fellowship.

My First Encounter With Keploy Fellowship.

My first encounter with Keploy was when the team came to my college and gave a presentation about API and then gave the form for a fellowship program. For this fellowship they give us a 6-day routine covering six API-related topics.

On the first day, we get an introduction to the upcoming session, the topic, and our teacher.

On the second day, we discussed the theoretical aspects of APIs, such as what functionalities APIs offer to software, as well as many other topics.

On day three, Web Development & API Integration, we integrate the already available free API to our website and make a website.

During the API Creation & Integration session on Day Four, we created our own API and implement it as the backend of our website.

In the API Testing & Unit Testing session on day five, we write some test cases and check them in the terminal and Postman.

Our last day of API Testing with Keploy covered how to use Keploy for testing as well as summarizing the session.

There was a lot to learn from the basics to the test level in the API and test case and many more and the instructors were extremely helpful and knowledgeable. I highly recommend joining this fellowship program at Keploy.